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Newto the club/ Kunitz

Hey everyone, I am new as of today. I just wanted to say hello and a lil about myself. I am 19, from Michigan. I go to ferris state. thats right, same place as where Chris Kunitz is from HELL YEA BABY!! I just thought that i would follow hime and see what the fans of the ducks have to say about things. PEACE!
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hey, im a New Jersey Devils fan, ive been a fan for 15 years now, but i never stopped rooting for the ducks, i mean i loved the movie and i love disneyland, but after they went to the stanley cup in 2003, its been downhill. itrs now official that giguere is a fluke, they got the offense, i turn on the tv to see how fat the ducks are in the playoffs, but they keep shooting themselves in the foot. what are they gonna do?
nice journal buddy...
I know that you have no clue who I am but I just thought that I would comment on your journal considering that you are Hockey fan!! That is awesome right there.
The Ducks are cool.... and I used to live in Anaheim so I have seen them play alot. Okay I dont know what else to say, but welcome to live journal!
Snoopy is great too
giguere isnt a fluke, he proved that theory wrong w/ his stats after the all star game. Anyway, the last game against the flames was a great and memorable one to see, i just hope that they'll improve by next season.
Hey, I was looking under interests for NHL, and I thought you might like to know about a new community. The community is basically for fans of all NHL clubs to come together and talk about hockey. If youre interested...thats wonderful and you can visit and join below, if not, im really sorry for bothering you and wasting you time.


hey um since u're a hockey fan like me and then u must be cool b/c u like the Mighty Ducks!!YEA!

bryz signed to a 1 yr deal..now we need the rest of the players to be signed

the ducks


July 13 2004, 03:31:07 UTC 13 years ago

HEY. I am Laura and 16 years old. Been a big fan of the ducks since i was 7 years old. I live in Kirkcaldy Scotland where i follow the ducks on channel 5 every week. Wanted to know if you have ever been to a live nhl match and what it is like as this has been my greatest wish. laura